Matt Hanson

Matt Alexander Hanson is a writer in Istanbul. He produces weekly and monthly features from across Turkey, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S., covering art, books, history, travel, and food. His work with various international newspapers and magazines is translated into Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew and Ladino for El Amaneser, the last publication in the world entirely in the endangered Judeo-Spanish dialect.

Emergency Takeoff: on Halil Altindere’s Köfte Airlines

"Köfte Airlines retraced a trail uncannily similar to that of its subject, from Germany to Turkey and back along a zigzag of uprooted expectations." Matt Hanson writes about Halil Altindere's work in the context of the refugee crisis, as well as the effects of the current oppressive political climate in Turkey on artists and cultural practitioners.

מלכי ערב

בעקבות ביקורו במוזיאון אמין אל-ריחאני באל-פריכֶּה (الفريكة) שבלבנון, יצא מאט הנסון למסע בעקבות התרגום העברי לספרו המפורסם של אל-ריחאני, מלכי ערב, שיצא לאור רק שנתיים אחרי המהדורה המקורית, שנכתבה בערבית בשנת 1924. מה היו הסיבות לתרגום הספר לעברית, ומה הייתה השפעתו לאורך השנים?

ملوك العرب

إثر زيارته متحف امين الريحاني في الفريكة، لبنان، خرج مات هانسون في رحلة تتقصى الترجمة العبرية لكتاب الريحاني المشهور، ملوك العرب، والذي صدر بعد سنتين فقط على النسخة الاصلية التي كتبت عام 1924 باللغة العربية. فماذا كانت اسباب ترجمة الكتاب بالعبرية وماذا كان تأثيره على مدى السنين؟

Kings of Arabia

Visiting the Ameen Rihani Museum in Freike, Lebanon has started Matt Hanson on a path to trace the Hebrew translation of the well-known author’s Kings of Arabia, which came out only two years after the first Arabic edition. What were the motivations behind this translation and how did its impact evolve over the years?