Tohu* is an independent online art magazine based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, dedicated to promoting clear and engaged writing about art and culture, in three languages: Hebrew, Arabic, and English. The magazine serves as a platform for critical discourse on significant trends in contemporary art, emphasizing their local expressions in the culture in the Middle East.

Founded in 2015, Tohu seeks to create a meaningful and accessible corpus of art writing, and to provide a platform for local and international contributors. Tohu magazine is frequently updated with interviews, exhibition reviews and critique, monographies and columns (visual and textual), as well as commissioned and translated essays on various topics related to contemporary art and culture. The accumulated published materials frame the conversation within political, geopolitical, and social contexts.  

Tohu Magazine is committed to values of equality and freedom of expression, supports a complex and unique discourse about art, and works to counter the many challenges these values face. 

*Tohu is a biblical Hebrew word meaning chaos and formlessness 


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The Arabic translations in Tohu Magazine are supported by the British Shalom-Salaam Trust.

Tohu is also maintained by a growing community of subscribers.