Tohu* is an independent online art magazine based in Tel Aviv. Promoting clear and engaged writing on art and culture, Tohu is published in three languages: Hebrew, Arabic, and English. The magazine is edited by Leah Abir and Avi Lubin, as a platform for critical discourse on significant trends in contemporary art, emphasizing their local expressions.  

Tohu seeks to create a meaningful and accessible corpus of art writing from Israel and outside of it, through a variety of positions, methods and agendas promoted by both local and international writers. Thus, Tohu is a vital power source for the contemporary art discourse in Israel, placing it within its regional and global contexts.  

Tohu magazine is frequently updated with interviews, exhibition reviews and critique, as well as visual and textual essays. Whether commissioned or translated, the published essays deal with various issues in contemporary art and culture, framing them in political, geopolitical, and social contexts.  Over time, the aggregated textual and visual material in Tohu is edited into distinct bodies of knowledge around specific subjects, highlighting essential phenomena in contemporary culture. 

As an online magazine, Tohu’s network structure is paradigmatic to its editorial stance, which is based on relations and contacts with other magazines, institutions and individuals around the world, and promotes reader responses and conversations around the published materials.


*Tohu is a biblical Hebrew word meaning chaos and formlessness