Under the Restrictions #3

In the third chapter of her column, Goni Riskin takes advantage of the easing of the restrictions to make a series of portraits, with styling and makeup. As a precaution, she works on a rooftop, in natural light and open air. She uses a no-contact thermometer to take the temperature of her sitters, the makeup artist, and herself. She keeps the styling down to clothes from the sitters' closets, with outside loans of items when absolutely necessary.

Tammy 36°C
Goni 35.1°C

Ya'ara 36°C
Ron, makeup artist 36.3°C

Maria 36.4°C


Roni 36.8°C


Lior 36.2°C
Goni 35.9°C

Hillel 36.2°C
Ron, makeup artist 36°C
Goni 35.7°C

Shirly 36.8°C
Goni 35.9°C

Ya'ara 36.5°C

Luciana 36.7°C
Ron, makeup artist 36°C
Goni 34.8°C

Shahar 35.1°C
Goni 35.2°C

Makeup: Ron Claude
Wardrobe: Maria Berman, Northern Star


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