Goni Riskin

Goni Riskin is a photographer and artist based in Tel Aviv. She has completed the postgraduate program in Fine Art at Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl College. Her work as a photographer has been featured in prominent local publications, including Time Out-Tel Aviv, Ha'aretz, Ma'arive, Telavivian, and many others. Riskin's work includes both fine art and commercial photography. She specializes in portraits, fashion, nightlife, live music, etc. For over a decade she has been documenting the Tel Aviv scene and participated in several exhibitions.

Under the Restrictions #1

In her new column, Goni Riskin looks at how she might continue to photograph under the coronavirus restrictions. In the first installment she creates a series of portraits while trying to observe the rules, which are often not entirely clear: stay within a 100-meters range from home, and then it's 500 meters; maintain a distance of two meters from other people; avoid entertaining at home people who do not live there.