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Why do we need your support?

Tohu is an independent art magazine, a not-for-profit organization for the advancement of original, multi-voiced writing about art. Each piece in Tohu is published in three languages: English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

As a part of its agenda Tohu receives no funding from any government or art institution, relying solely on donations.

The establishment of the magazine, in October of 2015, has been made possible thanks to the wonderful support of many people in the art and culture communities. 

Where do the donations go to?

Tohu’s editorial budget is dedicated to paying writers and translators. Articles are published in the magazine on a regular basis, at the rate of two per week. Each article is translated into two more of the magazines’ three languages. During the coming year we plan to publish issues centered around topics, such as gardens, stones, ethics, and freedom.

The current Web site is currently a beta version. The funds raised during the crowd-sourcing campaign were intended for building the Tohu site and for establishing the editorial board. Your contribution will allow us to continue to strengthen the magazine’s activities and to create a meaningful platform for writing on contemporary art in our region.