Yair Barak

Yair Barak, Born 1973 is an artist, curator and a writer. His works, associates with photography and video installation, address issues of historiography, Power mechanisms, and critical notions of cultural structures. Barak Has graduated the department of photography at Camera Obscura School of arts (2000) and later on studied at Bard College MFA program. At 2005 he founded the Minshar for arts photography department and today chairs the studio arts program at Seminar Hakibutzim college of education technology and the arts.

Stealing from a Thief

What did Michal BarOr do with the Pandora’s Box A. has left on her doorstep? Yair Barak describes the circles of guilt engendered by BarOr’s work, A Non-Private Collection, about a stolen suitcase full of photographs, with hope at the bottom.

Large format, small text (for Hilla Becher)

In a long overdue encounter with Hilla and Bernd Becher’s photographic grid Yair Barak discovered that his intellectual, rigorous experience as a viewer of the works has become spiritual experience. Why has that happened, and is the genomic map of Israeli typological photography indeed close to its German counterpart, or rather the American one? Reflections and insights following the departure of Hilla Becher.