Hadeel Abu Johar

Hadeel Abu Johar is an artist, born in 1990 in Yafa an-Naseriyye (Yafia). She lives and works in Haifa. Abu Johar holds a B.A. in theater and the arts, and an MFA from Haifa University, where she currently works as a research assistant.

Memory Pictures #8

Many questions arise when you think about memory, names, the absence of names, questions that essentially rest on senses and spontaneity, which determine our relation to love, hate, intimacy, abandonment, hunger, fear, memory.


Memory Pictures #7

Hadeel Abu Johar offers a reductive view, fiercely poetic, of a surreal reality – the relationship of the colonialist with the concept of banality in the face of shame. Salma, the house, the memory, the universe, the reader, the ordinary viewer confronted with the colonialist, shameless to the point of banality. Surrealism is the name of the game here, and reality is ruled by countless questions that are no less surreal.

Memory Pictures

Hadeel Abu Johar travels roads and lanes of near memory, hinting at what is beyond, asking questions about the tension between the image and the event and about the human search for a place and its meaning.