Aida Nasrallah

Aida Nasrallah is a writer, playwright, and a scholar of Palestinian art. She was born in Umm-al-Fahem in 1956. In 2008 she received her BA in art history and the Arabic language, from Haifa University. In 1999 she completed certificate studies in methods of teaching plastic art. In 2004 she received her Master’s degree in multi-disciplinary arts, from Tel Aviv university. Her thesis was about multi-disciplinary art’, focusing on the representation of women’s bodies in performance and the arts, for Palestinian-Israeli artist from 1998 to 2010. Currently she is a lecturer of multi-disciplinary art at the Beit Berl Colllege of Art. She is also a critic of plastic art, theater, and literature.

In the course of her BA and MA studies she has received excellence grants, as well as a grant for participation in the International Writing Program in Iowa. In 2001he has published a book of poetry, Barefoot, in Hebrew (Hakibbiutz Hameuhad Publishing). She has also published collections of short stories in Arabic and several plays in English and Hebrew.

Nasrallah is a board member of the Council for Research on Art and Gender, and a member of the International Hybrid Theater, based in New York City.

Raeda Saadeh Challenges the Masters

In Raeda Saadeh’s photography series “Great Masters,” the artist challenges four well-known Western paintings. Aida Nasrallah writes about the works of one of the most interesting Palestinian artists, delineating the way Saadeh makes space for herself as an artist and a Palestinian woman who voices her political protests.