Drawing Reaction

Revital Lessick offers quick drawings in reaction to exhibitions, specific works, and art events. A new column at Tohu.


Revital Lessick, A hat for Shai Azoulai _

Revital Lessick, A hat for Shai Azoulay
A Hat for Shai Azoulay

Inga Gallery, 14.4.2016 – 21.5.2016

Revital Lessick, Judgement day

Revital Lessick, Judgment Day
Judgment Day

The future Drawing Biannale. Artists' House, Jerusalem. Opening 16.11.2016. 
Curators: Edna Moshenson and  Sally Haftel Naveh.



Revital Lessick Eliezer Zonenshein

Revital Lessick, Eliezer Sonnenschein
Eliezer Sonnenschein

Eliezer Sonnenschein. "Wild Flowers and Insects in the Land of Israel"
Bar-David Museum of Art and Judaica. 4.4.2016 – 21.7.2016. 
Curator: Avi Ifargan



תגובה לאסף רהט.jpg

Revital Lessick, Reaction to Assaf Rahat
Reaction to Assaf Rahat

Wire(less) Connections. Israel Museum
18.3.2016 – 27.5.2016. Curator: Daniela Shalev


בסטודיו של אסף רהט1.jpg

Revital Lessick, Studio visit with Assaf Rahat
Studio visit with Assaf Rahat