Chapter VI: The Mountain and the Egg

In the sixth episode of his travels, Mendelovitch lands in the besieged city of Asscre. He escapes the battle and ends up at the foot of Mount Tabor.


English translation (scroll the image from right to left):


The stench has dissipated
Over the waters of Asscre.
There assembled the armies
Of the Corsician Emperor
Napoleon, son of Victoria.

Chapter VI: The Mountain and the Egg

Sassoon: Our Queen's retort
Has traveled this far,
To this land on the verge
Of her kingdom.

Mendelovitch: Do you know, my Gvir,
Her utmost seat?

Sassoon: I too crave knowing
The place of her seat,
But I, too,
A great and sassy Gvir,
Am but a teat
Upon her colonies. 

The men of the Rebel Prince
Did cuff and bind
The Sassoonites
And took away the Gvir as well.

Sassoon: My bathing lads,
You preen in vain!
We shall cleanse again
When troubled times have passed. 

Soldier: Hey!
Here I am!
I am a soldier!

And Mendelovitch fled
From the press of oppressors,
Finding respite in the bosom
Of Mount Tabor.

The lamentation of Mendelovitch: My very soul
Conspires and plots
To carry me away
From home and country.

My dream is as near
as a stranger to a frontier
In a land of prayer
I wander in despair.

Regard me, O Queen,
Will you gather me in?
A stranger here I am
And stranger is no man

As he ascended the mountain
There called out a great voice of
Screeches and gestation.


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