Chapter III: The Tunnel and the Light

After escaping the Doubters into the maw of the elephant, Reb Schneur Zalman Mendelovitch meets Jonah and a former soldier in the belly of the beast.


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English translation (scroll the image from right to left):


From the Beast's orifice 
Reb Schneur dribbled
Drafting out his way through
Ranks and files and columns 
Of colons. 

Chapter 3: The Tunnel and the Light

Reb Schneur: Have you warred and sought shelter too?
Soldier: A soldier gulped by Behemoth:

In my country I was a soldier 

There I became a citizen 
To India I came to clear my mind
And here I turned soldier.

Reb Schneur: Turned back again?

Soldier: Where else to turn?

Reb Schneur: You who raised me from the fire

And bared me to the Queen
And brought me into the world!
Jonah: Can’t remember...

Hey, did they end up burning the Great City?
Soldier: They still are.
Jonah: So drink with me to its memory!

And Behemoth sounded his horn
And the mighty, fetid winds blew,
Banishing towards the puckered light.

He released his captives
To noise and commotion.