Samir Salmi

Samir Salmi is a Morrocan writer and scholar. He specializes in poetry and modern art. Salmi has had several art exhibitions in his home country and abroad. His Ph.D. dissertation studies modern poetry, and his research focuses on the work of the Lebanese poet Jubran Khalil Jubran, both his poetry and his art, under the guidance of the well-known Morrocan scholar Muhammed Bennis. Salmi has published several artworks and critical articles in several Arab and international journals and magazines. He has won many awards in the fields of art and literature in Morroco and beyond.

Boullata: Like a Fish Out of Water. Or, Art as a Visual Thesis

Palestinian visual artist Kamal Boullata (b. 1942, Jerusalem) departed this world on August 6, 2019, from his exile in Berlin at the age of seventy-seven. He leaves behind a formidable artistic legacy, which has made him stand out in the field of criticism and artistic production within the Palestinian and Arab art scene. In this article, Moroccan artist and poet Samir Salmi tries to present a comprehensive portrait of a multi-faceted artist, and reveals the strengths of his research, creative and critical work.