Artūras Tereškinas

Artūras Tereškinas is a sociologist, cultural critic and writer. He is the author of two poetry collections, a novel and nine research monographs, including Men in the Economies of Disappointment: Between Good Life and Social Exclusion (2016), Pop Culture: Emotions, Bodies, Texts (2013), It’s a Man’s World: Men and Wounded Masculinities in Lithuania (2011), and Culture, Gender, Sexuality: Essays on Different Bodies (2007). In 2016, he received the National Science Prize, the highest scientific award in Lithuania. Tereškinas is a pioneer of LGBTQ+ and queer studies in Lithuania in both scholarship and literary work.

On the Economy of Disappointment

Why is there so much disappointment around us? How might one explain disappointment? What is the political nature of disappointment? Artūras Tereškinas writes for Tohu Magazine about the notion of disappointment, following ''Bjaurūs jausmai'', his recently-published book, a collaboration with Adomas Danusevičius about ugly/negative feelings.