Shared States special issue

People tend to think that emotions are felt and experienced in a unique, individual way. But what if emotions are first shared, and only then internalised? What if they arise out of our social and cultural worlds, and are then “borrowed” by us individually? This special issue explores the potentialities of shared emotional worlds, and asks: how do “inner states” bring us together and along what lines do they divide? What potential might such shared emotional economies entail in societies increasingly divided along political, economic and other lines?

Shared States is a special issue in collaboration with The Lithuanian Cultural Institute, edited by curator Juste Jonutyte. The theme for this special issue was developed in dialogue with anthropologist Kristina Jonutytė.

On the Economy of Disappointment

Why is there so much disappointment around us? How might one explain disappointment? What is the political nature of disappointment? Artūras Tereškinas writes for Tohu Magazine about the notion of disappointment, following ''Bjaurūs jausmai'', his recently-published book, a collaboration with Adomas Danusevičius about ugly/negative feelings.

Yellow Coal

How can the constant bombardment of shock and emergency and suffering in our world be harnessed as a source of power and collective strength? How do we act and unite in a world that constantly isolates and shocks us, destroying the very ecological and social systems in which we survive? Post Brothers examines how dissociated social interactions are translated into value and yellow coal channels emotions as a form of power.