Heroes Posters – Hamody Gannam (3 out a series of 6 posters)

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3 posters (out of a series of 6 posters, 80 NIS each).


3 posters (out of a series of 6 posters, 80 NIS each).
Posters designed by the artist Hamody Gannam as a time capsule, inspired by his heroes from the fields of art and culture:
The Notorious B.I.G. – King of New York “king of hiphop”.
Muhammad Ali – The Greatest.
Tupac Shakur – GOD Of RAP.
Bruce Lee – The Master Jeet Kune Do.
Eazy E – Real Muthaphukkin g’s.
Frida Kahlo – The Magical R.
-Retro graphic design with the spirit of the Middle East. original artwork
-Every piece of this poster is drawn in adobe illustrator
-The image that i’m using in these posters are scanned or cut from old newspapers and magazines or from original albums that i bought in the 90’s.
SIZE available: -42X30cm (with margins, because it allows any framing comfortable for you) 250g photo chromo matte paper, High color laser Printer
****Please note that frames are not included,
the images above allows you to experience what my prints looks like in real life scene..
*it’s a worldwide free shipping

*70% of sales go directly to the artist. The remaining 30% are a donation to Tohu Magazine