Post Brothers

Post Brothers is a critical enterprise that includes Matthew Post (b. 1984, Los Angeles), an enthusiast, word processor, and curator working from a small village near Białystok, Poland. He is often engaged in artist-centered projects and collaborations, or can be found occupying the secondary information surrounding cultural production. From 2016 through 2019, Post Brothers was the curator at Kunstverein München in Munich, Germany. He has also curated exhibitions and presented projects in Poland, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Latvia, The Netherlands, and China. His essays and articles have been published in a litany of art and culture magazines, as well as in numerous artist publications and exhibition catalogues. He also regularly participates in exhibitions with text-based, performative, discursive, or collaborative contributions, and lectures in art and academic settings across Europe.

Yellow Coal

How can the constant bombardment of shock and emergency and suffering in our world be harnessed as a source of power and collective strength? How do we act and unite in a world that constantly isolates and shocks us, destroying the very ecological and social systems in which we survive? Post Brothers examines how dissociated social interactions are translated into value and yellow coal channels emotions as a form of power.