Tomás Saraceno, Untitled, 2020

Tomás Saraceno, Untitled, 2020
Title: Invertebrate Rights for “Down to Earth”
Year: 13.82020 billion, ABB (After Big Bang)
Co-Author: Spider/webs, Holocnemus Pluchei & Tomás Saraceno, a founding member of Arachnophilia
Edition: Still ongoing but threatened
Material: Dome Spider/Web endemic to Gropius Bau sensed and felt at 1-300 Hz, sunlight, air, mirror, open letter.
Dimensions: Variable.
Diet: Please do not feed us, we eat just about anything caught in our webs, including wasps, mosquitos, large jumping spiders. We survive pandemics.
Installation view Down to Earth. Climate Art Discourse unplugged, Gropius Bau, Berlin, 2020
Berliner Festspiele/Immersion. Photo: Eike Walkenhorst